Wild Woman is a nature immersion retreat. The intention? To empower women to treat themselves with love, acceptance and respect. All women are wild women at heart.

Modern life creates holding patterns that separate us from our inner grounds (our bodies) and the ground of this planet (Mother Earth). Different ailments result from this: toxic relationship patterns, stress, low self esteem, anxiety, insomnia, addiction, overworking, overeating, overthinking...we can become frazzled. The elements are alive and talking to us. But sometimes we forget to listen.

Wild Woman helps us to remember.

The medicine of the soil - the flowers, the trees, the leaves - this is heart medicine. The medicine is also inside the blood that flows through our veins, the liquid that pours from our vaginas, and the breath that fills our lungs. The medicine is within us. And it is us.

Within each of us is the divine force that is – Mother Nature. Nature which will both teach us and heal us. If we are willing to surrender to her song. If we are willing to face ourselves.

These retreats are safe and secure spaces, but ones that will help us all to flourish by pushing us beyond our comfort zones. The intention: to continue to unlearn the mental and visceral holding patterns that have collectively and individually separated us from our inner grounds and the ground of this planet.

This is an opportunity to unwind, unplug, de-stress, decompress, reset, relax, celebrate, explore and give thanks for the beautiful gift that is LIFE.

* Important Info *

Date: Wednesday 31st of July to Sunday 4th of August
Location: Pembrokeshire, Wales
Investment: £340 Early Bird (until 15th of May)/ £400 Full Price
Contact: info@wildwomanuk.com
Website: www.wildwomanuk.com

Spaces are limited. Book soon to avoid disappointment!

*About Lucy*

Lucy has spent the last few years travelling, living, teaching and working around the world, on each stage of this journey deepening her connection to community and herself through the use of medicinal plants, native to whichever setting she found herself in.

Lucy is constantly working to deepen her connection and understanding of native plants, meeting them in meditation, medicinally and through conscious cooking and eating. The recognition of this, of plants as our allies, a relationship that needs recognition and reciprocity are incredibly important practices that we have often lost deep connection with through our modern lifestyles, and this can often be the root of food addiction, eating disorders and innumerable dis-eases that manifest on the physical, emotional and spiritual plane. With personal experience and awareness of this she is working, through engagement with sacred practice and healing techniques guided by her teacher at the School of Intuitive Herbalism, to address this imbalance.

To find out more about the school, visit schoolofintuitiveherbalism.weedsintheheart.org.uk

* About Talitha *

Talitha is an artist, body worker and meditation student. She is interested in birth, babies, bodies, wombs, women, wilding, healing, health, happiness, ancestral alignment, addiction recovery, self-love and sacred sexuality.

In order to purify her self of the addictions and mental/physical, and emotional dis-ease that result from personal, ancestral, and cultural trauma, Talitha has developed a fluid body of work which focuses on the womb and the relationship between spirituality and health. A dedication to healing the wounds of sexual trauma in the individual in order to rebalance the collective underpins Talitha’s work.

As a student of Tibetan buddhist master his Holiness the 12th Gangri Karma Rinpoche Talitha understands that she has a responsibility to assist in the collective project of eradicating suffering (and its causes) for all sentient beings. She does this through offering her body as a channel for healing through purification rituals, bodywork, and prayer.

* Womb Work *

We accumulate a lot through our actions and experiences in this and previous lives. Therefore it is important to do regular emotional, mental, physical and karmic clear outs so that we can enter the next stage of the seasonal cycle free from baggage and energetic debris.

The basis of womb work and cultivating womb wisdom is returning to a natural state of self love, acceptance and joy. Throughout the retreat Talitha will share practical tips and encourage participants to connect with the inner healer by tuning into this power source.

Supported by a Siddha Kundalini crystal grid, Talitha will guide the energy of the ritual offering her body as a channel for the group’s healing. This is an opportunity to explore the inner workings of the womb and get intimate with the wild woman within.

Come and join us on this adventure into the heart of the fire, the river and the womb. Wild women - the time is now!

In peace, light and tenderness,

The Wild Woman Team