If you are reading this, the chances are that you already seek refuge and healing through nature. Perhaps you have already found medicine in certain plants. My medicine journey began far from my mother land, with plants that cannot be found in England. Over the years, the call back to my roots to explore with plants that weave their tapestries below English soil became stronger and stronger, until I was guided into my current practice of Intuitive Herbalism. 

Do you feel the call to meet with native plants of England? Building a relationship with herbs from this land takes time and subtlety. Our plants contain all the wisdom we may need at any given time on our journey, as long as we feel the trust to be open and bring ourselves in honesty to this sacred meeting. 

With Organic Rose Essence lovingly made at the Apothecary in Stroud, the meditation takes you to the heart of this protective plant. Each individual will experience Rose in a different way, based both on how we uniquely meet the plant, and what we are bringing. As our most profound pains often reside within our hearts, and can lie there dormant for many years, we can experience a separation from this area, and our full ability to love both ourselves and others is compromised. This distance can also manifest in addictions and disassociation. With her strength, sweetness, and a deep, primordial knowledge, Rose is the perfect partner to gently bring us into our vulnerabilities, and into healing of these griefs and wounds.

This practice is opened with a tea meditation and word share, followed by a deeper guided journey. We have the opportunity to share to close the circle. Come and allow Grandmother Rose speak to your heart and lead you into greater awareness. The light of your soul rests in your heart. Join us and let it burn brightly.